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Pong 180

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Rotating Cup Platform

Rotating Cup Platform

Our unique design is sure to turn heads. The cups rotate on a platform to face the player when it's their turn!

Blue and red cups ensure that players always know whose turn it is.

Plus the moving platform and exciting sound effects grab attention wherever this game is placed!

Sophisticated Hardware

Each player has their own monitor to ensure that they can see exactly how the game is progressing at a glance.

An automated ball return ensures that each player has the right number of balls on their turn.

An optional printer allows for customized prize printing and location personalization.

Extensive Operator Options

Operators can easily set virtually every facet of the game, including the number of credits required to play, table and ball return calibration, gameplay options, and much more.

Detailed bookkeeping allows operators to track the performance of their game.

Operators can set and track the names of custom prizes, as well as the parameters for winning them and the quantity that can be awarded.

Multiple Cabinet Designs

Different cabinet options are available, allowing operators to fit the cabinet to the location.

A full-size Pong 180 measures 78"H x 34"W x 124"L.

A smaller, "half-size" Pong 180 is also available.


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